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Sanjivani Surgical has a wide range of Hospital Furniture for your needs. The products include Hospital Beds, Hospital Couchs, Hospital Chairs, Hospital Trolleys, Hospital Lockers, Hospital Tables, Autoclaves, Labour Tables, Hospital Strechers, Examination Tables, Hospital Stools & Suction Machines.

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If you are searching for the best quality Operation Theator Equipments, you are at the right place. Sanjivani Surgical has Three dome and Four dome O.T lights with wide features. With O.T lights we also have Mobile LED Examination lights.

We have a five varieties of Operation Tables which range from the basic models like Telescopic Labour Table to more advance models likes Hydraulic Operation Table (with Orthopedic Attachment)

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Other Hospital Products that Sanjivani Surgical have for you includes Monitor Stand, Roller Shifter, Saline Stands, Syringe Stand, Bed side Screen, Kick Bucket, Burn Cage, Instrument Cabinet, Piegeon Locker, Linen Trolley & O.T Scrub Sink.

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